The Asian continent is rich in culture ranging from their modes of dressing and style of earing at the table. The hotpot has gained popularity since the era of the Mongolian empire and probably way before. The good thing today is that you do not have to travel to Asia or a Chinese restaurant to enjoy a hot pot.

With the right items, you can enjoy your meal straight from your dining table.

Below are some items that you need to buy for a hot pot.

Necessary Artillery


Before you commence the process of preparing a hot soup, you should ensure that you have all the equipment that you need. Ensure that you have a tabletop butane burner, extra gas canisters, a stainless steel pot, chopsticks, and a strainer with handle. Ensure that each guest has a set of chopsticks and a strainer with a handle. To enjoy the best hot pot in NYC, you should ensure that you have all the artillery you may need.

Broth Maker Package

A hot pot allows you to enjoy the soup of your choosing. Most of the pots are divided to allow you to enjoy two different soups simultaneously. One of the soups should be spicy while the other should be maintained as mild.

You can make your soup from scratch or purchase a packaged soup base from the store. Packaged soup bases include Tom Yum, Chicken Broth, and Szechuan. On your shopping list, you should include the condiments that you may use to make the soup thick.

Vegetables and meat

Nutritionists recommend that every diet should consist of vegetables. Vegetables are popular for their unique, fresh taste and nutritional value. Vegetables are suitable for the vegetarians that may join your hot pot party. Vegetables in the hot pot take less time to cook thoroughly.


For the best hot pot experience, you should include vegetables in your shopping list. Since some of your guests are not vegetarians, you should include a generous amount of beef slices in your hot pot.

The essential part of a hot pot is the stainless steel pot, source of heat, vegetables, and meat. You can customize your recipe to create a hot pot of choice. Abovementioned are some of the crucial things that you should buy for a hot pot party.