Running is something that most of us will love to engage in aiming to keep fit and improve our self-esteem. Many people will, however, see it hard to start running. What many don’t know is that starting to run is a simple activity. All it takes is the right spirit and preparations for your first run.

Maybe you’re wondering, how do I make my running experience fantastic right from my first run? If this is you, this article is right for you. The following is a discussion of the best way to start running without many struggles.

Running gear: Your outfit should keep you comfortable throughout the race. Pick seamless wicking clothes to keep you off irritation, or chafing. Wicking socks will also help to protect you from blisters. Also, pick durable but comfortable pairs of sneaks. For ladies, sports bras are also necessary. Note that, for a suitable gear, you will have to spend a little more cash.


Pick your race: Once you have the right running gear, you can now pick a track that you believe you can comfortably complete. see here

Start training: After selecting the race you desire to participate in, it’s time that you start training. The idea here is to start with a small run.

Consider increasing the distance by not more than 10% each week. You should be able to complete the range to cover in the competition, a few weeks to the race.

Run and walk method: The run and walk method requires runners to take breaks from running and walk at some point in the race. Note that, the walk is not for when you become tired. Instead, you should consider scaling it into intervals.


Start at an average pace: Do not start with too slow or high velocity. Be moderate, and you can consider increasing the speed as your body adjusts to the increased mirage.These are a few of the tips for the best way to start running. Be attentive to the whole process, and you’ll enjoy completing your race.