Most dentists always recommend close monitoring of wisdom teeth due to the many problems that can arise from them. Removal is not always the only solution since sometimes they may grow well without causing any problems. Wisdom teeth may grow during the early teenage years or early adulthood and in most cases, they don’t fully grow.

They may be asymptomatic until too much damage is done which is why you should always seek the professional advice of a professional. If you don’t have them removed, a number of things can happen such as:


Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t fully grow above the gums in which case they become impacted. Apart from pain, this situation can result in an infection or can cause an abscess. This can spread to the nearby teeth leading to massive tooth decay and extreme pain.



Impacted teeth can also grow along the jawline leading to other complications like cyst formation if they are not removed. This can further cause nerve damage or even hollowing which will affect the movement of your jaw resulting in difficult speech.


One of the common issues that arise from unresolved wisdom teeth is gum swelling. Swollen gums will cause discomfort and will most likely lead to cavities.

They harbor bacteria and increase their growth by providing for them holes which act as breeding grounds. The fact that swollen gums become harder to clean also contributes to the enhanced growth of bacteria.

Even if they show signs of growing properly, their location makes it easy for bacterial growth which increases the potential for decay.


Everybody has a different jaw and mouth size. For those smaller mouths, the wisdom teeth will not have enough room for expansion as they grow. This results in your teeth trying to compete for space leading to overlapping. The situation can be worse if you have had previous repair work done on the teeth.

The growing wisdom teeth could reverse the procedure leading to more pain and damage. If not removed, you may be forced to rectify even the other teeth that become misaligned because of the wisdom tooth.

The procedure

All the good dentists performing wisdom teeth removal brisbane has to offer will ask you to make two appointments, one being for analysis of the teeth and possible removal and the other being a follow-up. It’s advisable to make the appointment even if you don’t feel any pain yet. The doctor will tell you whether you can postpone the removal or do it immediately.


The procedure isn’t painful because anesthesia will be used to nub the region. It is also straightforward without complications especially when done as soon as possible. Chances of complications become higher with age and the damage caused. The recovery is also smooth and fast so you should be able to get back to your normal routine soon after.


Some of the signs to look out for include pain, bad smell and inflammation. Tell your dentist immediately you notice any of these. Should you decide to go for the surgery, ask someone to drive you from the hospital since the anesthesia will not have worn off completely. Remember to take proper care of your teeth to prevent future problems.