Foot blisters are very common among many people. Blisters can either come from friction or repot it over movement. But these frictions just occur? There are culprits to these, and they are socks and shoes. If either of these is wrong, then blisters are prone to occur on your feet.


While this may seem awkward but socks are a source of blisters, Cotton socks are the lead culprits of blister formation. You are therefore advised that whenever you go shopping for socks, you choose the right socks like anti blister socks. This way, you will be able to prevent blister formation.


Shoes that are not footing properly are another reason for blister formation, the worst thing about poorly fitting shoes is that they can cause even more problems apart from blisters.


Going for too large shoes is also not right; this is because such shoes allow one’s feet to move freely, it, therefore, makes the feet to rub against the shoe hence may lead to blisters. If you walk for long distances as a runner, it is advisable that you be very careful when choosing your shoes. Go for the shoe type that properly fits you; this way; you will be able to stay away from foot blisters.

As we have read above, the wrong shoe type and socks are the leading culprits for foot blisters. However, if we take a scientific approach, you will find that four blisters are caused by frictions accompanied by sweating.

So always try to minimize friction by going for shoes and socks at hot don’t promote excess frictions. Before you can take a walk or run, you can also choose to apply foot glide on your feet; this will help in protecting your feet from friction hence preventing you from friction.