We are living in a digital era that allows us the freedom to make an income from any part of the world. This particularly becomes essential for a woman who wants to work from home and give the required attention to their family.

There are so many high paying jobs that a woman can do from home and get such kind of freedom. Which jobs are these? visit the website

1. Freelance writing.

Freelance writing is one of the many jobs you could consider taking up as a woman. With an internet connection and a laptop, you are ready to go. There are so many categories of freelance writing such as article writing, copywriting, editing, etc.


According to your passion, you just need to pick a field of your choice and create a related account. For instance, Upwork is a platform that can offer you a broad choice in the freelance world. If you are particularly an article writer, you can create a Hirewriters or Iwriter account as long as you are in the chosen regions.

2. Life coach.

Do you feel that you have what it takes to be a life coach? As a life coach, you help people become better at what they do.

You can actually do this in the comfort of your living room with a laptop and an internet connection. A life coach can make something between $50 -$300 per hour according to the people you are dealing with.

3. Dropshipping.

If you are a woman and looking to work from home, here is another idea for you; dropshipping. Dropshipping involves coming up with an online eCommerce store where you post various things for sale. But when a customer orders the item, you send the invoice to the manufacturer or wholesaler who then ships the item directly to the client under your name. In dropshipping, you earn from the extra money you charge your customers on your eCommerce site.

Female and laptop

Moreover, if you want to work from home, you can look for employment as a virtual assistant. Most companies want to save the cost of permanently employing a new staff member by investing in virtual assistants. Virtual assistants handle tasks such as social media management, graphic design, ghost-writing, editing, tutoring, etc.As you can see, there is much a woman can do from home. What matters is choosing something you have passion in.