Robusta coffee is trendy all over the world. It makes up 40% of all the coffee consumed in the world. The coffee beans which come from the Coffea canephora plant originated from central and western sub-Saharan Africa. The robusta coffee is exceptional, especially when mixed with the arabica coffee. The coffee is known for its crema quality in espresso.

The different brands of coffee that use robusta beans

1. Cannonball Coffee – The coffee has a strong flavor and contains caramel and dark chocolate. The brand was created ideally for use by the armed forces overseas. Every 2 oz of this coffee provides a whopping 1101 mg of caffeine.


2. Biohazard coffee -This brand is made with 1000% robusta coffee beans. It contains 928 mg of caffeine in every 12 oz. Most of the energy drinks contain half the caffeine in this brand.

3. Bach – This brand uses robusta Vietnamese coffee beans. Because the beans are harvested in the high-altitude Dalat region of Vietnam, they offer a high concentration of caffeine.

4. Caffe Borbone coffee pods – This is a popular brand, especially in Italy. The coffee is made from a blend of robusta and arabica beans. It is crucial to establish whether the pods are compatible with your brewer before buying.


5. Death Wish Organic Whole bean coffee – This coffee is a healthy mix of robusta and arabica beans. There are different tricks that you can learn on to come up with a fantastic cup of espresso or a latte. The smooth taste of arabica is strong, and the caffeine kick is guaranteed by the 728 mg of caffeine in each 12 oz.


Many brands use robusta coffee beans. The high concentration of caffeine in the beans ensures you get a strong kick every time you sip the robusta coffee. In many ways, robusta coffee gives you value for your money. Even when the beans are blend with the arabica beans, you still get exemplary results.