Miami boasts of great pasta dishes. Happy times like the summer season needs to be blended with pasta for one to be happier. Loving carbs like Italian food is something great. A big bowl of pasta is enough for Italian food lovers.

That is why this article will provide you with a list of places in Miami where you can find pasta without necessary being in Italy.

1. Perricone’s market place and cafe

Being in this restaurant is like being in Italy. It provides various pasta and wine selections to its customers. It is also a very nice and cosy place to eat with your loved one.

2. Nido Caffe Italian restaurant


This is an awesome italian pasta restaurant in miami that offers great seafood pasta to its customers. It is also an authentic place where you can find most of the Italian dishes.

3. Piola

It a great place with very nice interior decor. It also has a very clean environment and also offers excellent pasta dishes to its clients. Their kinds of pasta are not too heavy and will leave you always wanting more of it.

4. Toscana Divino

They offer a variety of great kinds of pasta to customers. From pasta fatta a casa to pasta homemade, the choice is yours as the consumer. Their staffs are also trained to offer excellent services to the customers. For wine and dessert lovers, this is the place to be, apart from that you also get to enjoy great pasta selection.

5. Cipriani Downtown

They provide great cocktails to the clients as well as the primo kinds of pasta. For those craving for excellent kinds of pasta, this is the place to be, they offer excellent portions of pasta and signature cocktails, and when it comes to dessert, they can never go wrong.

6. II Gabbiano

Italian food lovers should definitely try this place. They offer the best food services as well as prepare great meals. It is a nice dining restaurant which also provides great truffle pasta. And apart from enjoying their great portions of pasta, you will also get to enjoy a variety of foods like the grilled octopus and more.

7. Tutto Pasta

Apart from their great pasta dishes and the awesome desserts, you can also enjoy the excellent passion fruit mousse which is a great way to finish the homemade gnocchi dish.


The restaurant offers excellent services; it has a cozy atmosphere and also has an open kitchen. In addition to that, it also has several daily specials that you can always go and try.

8. Eating house

They offer excellent pasta carbonara which upon tasting is unbelievably delicious. Apart from that, there is also a variety of foods that you can enjoy including the great homestead tomatoes.

9. Fratelli Milano

This is a nice Italian restaurant which offers excellent spinach portions of pasta. Their pasta dishes are done to perfection. It is an absolutely fabulous place with great services.

10. Salumeria 104

This restaurant can never go wrong with anything on their menu especially when it comes to the fresh portions of pasta that are made in the house. They also offer great food and wine at an affordable price and their services are offered by the polite Italian staff.