Fort Lauderdale has got a bad rap over the years for its food scene, but the tides are turning. A new collection of restaurants have appeared over the last few years that have facilitated to put the area’s culinary scene around the map again and that is the best resource to maintain all the happenings.

Below are 3 best newcomers in the Broward field listed in geographical order from north to south that give everybody a reason to give the 954 a visit as soon as possible.

Best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

Foxy Brown

A hipster’s choose comfort without being skimping or pretentious on parts, Foxy Brown is an asian restaurant in fort lauderdale. Their variant includes a home braised short rib ragout with neighborhood ricotta–or even the grilled cheese which contains banana bread packed with Nutella.


Whether you are searching for lunch, dinner or weekend brunch (the actual star of this series), be sure to match your meal with a touch drink such as the cherry mimosa, or roasted cereal milk which is included with the doughnut holes.

Green Bar and Kitchen

This fast-casual area is known for its buffalo sandwiches, cheesesteaks and burgers. Oh, and it is totally vegetarian. Whether you are full-on plant-based a carnivore attempting to ease the way to meatless Monday, then Green Bar makes vegetarian dining attainable using choices including creamy macaroni and cheese.

Kelly’s Landing

You cannot do South Florida correctly with no one Fantastic fish experience. Since 1987,” Kelly’s Landing was serving fresh, Local fish to tourists and tourists alike. It is the Type of place that is Ipswich clams. Contrary to other, fancier fish places in South Florida, exactly what you’re doing Lack at a beachfront opinion is composed for in an excellent meal at a reasonable cost. One Confront in the finest fried oysters”