Bangkok is a top tourist destination for tourists who come from all over the world to enjoy beautiful green parks and the natural environment of Thailand. The City exhibits an excellent touring spot for joggers and experienced runners. The surrounding is always welcoming, displaying a quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

People, however, have associated the leisure activity in Thailand as insane because it exposes runners to a lot of risks. For the reasons bring forth, the argument that running in Bangkok is insane stand as valid complaints.

The place to run

The best that the City of Bangkok offers as a platform for running is either on the street or opting for the park. Many people choose to enjoy this activity in the company of others in the park. This sounds like the best option because you will meet a community of runners in the park running enjoying the shade from the trees.

Bangkok running

The park also is free from traffic, unlike the streets where there are several reports on accidents during running. It also doesn’t sound so fun running through the streets while dodging vehicles and people. The air in the streets is also polluted from exhaust fumes.

The worry about traffic should not be a concern that much, however, because traffic rules in Thailand are highly observed, and all you have to do is ensure that you are running against the traffic and let everything else flow.

How to ensure that you are not a victim of high temperatures

The temperature levels can rise to inane levels that may be quite uncomfortable. The running process requires you to be in an environment that does not expose us to a lot of pressure for you to enjoy it. There are two ways, however, that we can use to counter this problem. You can always decide to;

Prefer running in the morning


This is the popularly the time that runners prefer for their activities. You will find many runners as early as five in the morning already up and on the run.

Morning runs are preferably the best because of safety reasons and to avoid the congested parks and evening traffic rush.

Run during the rainy season

The rain is the best option if you are looking between whether to run during Thailand’s summer season or during the rainy season. It may sound and look insane, but the rain sounds like the right way of cooling your body that generates a lot of heat while running.


There is always the need to ensure that your feet are safe while running. The foot being the major body organ for running, we have to ensure that it gets protected in the right manner at all times. Click on the source article for more information.


Our feet health state needs to be taken care of at all times, and this gets achieved by taking safety measures. They include not standing in the rain for so long or water pools while running. By this, you avoid open cuts from your wounds from getting infected.

Always have light footwear

Having the correct footwear adds a lot of advantages to you and ensures that you are safe while running. There are a lot of sneaker shops from which you can make your purchases.