Let us take an example that you are inside the kitchen cutting kales to prepare your lunch or dinner but accidentally you happen to slice your figure. The extent of breeding becomes much vigorous with terrible pains. Your relatives and friends suggest that you seek medical services immediately. Where would you prefer to get medical services? Would you prefer an emergency room (ER) or an urgent care center? What would make you get attracted to the place of your choice? These are some of the questions many people are left pondering when it comes to seeking medical service.

This article cuts explicitly across between emergency room and urgent care medical services to try to establish which is best to go for when seeking such services.

When to Go to Urgent Care

Urgent care centers like the broadwayhealth.net are excellent for non-emergency situations. They are ideal especially when you intend to seek medical services off working hours.


Most of these clinics will operate up to 8 or 9 pm tonight a time when almost all doctors’ offices are closed. Be sure to check on the working hours on the manual booklet when you visit the clinic of your choice. Urgent care centers offer medical services to patients experiencing the following complications.

· Back pain

· Headaches

· Minor fractures

· Diarrhea and Nausea

· Fever

· Cuts and bumps

· Blood

· Vaccinations

· Lab service

· Cough or sore throat

· Ear pains

· Asthma

· Allergies

· Foreign objects on children ears and nose

· Body minor burns and rashes

· UTIs

· Anima bites like dogs

· Eye irritations, pain or swelling

· Flu

· Among others

When to visit Emergency rooms

Emergency rooms are best suited for life-threatening emergency cases. Such kind of cases includes

· Stroke

· Head trauma

· Chest pain

· Emergency breathing problems

· Chronic bleeding

· Vision loss among other cases

Emergency centers are the best when it comes to dealing with emergency cases in kids and infants.

The choice of whether to visit Urgent care center or emergency room, I would say it depends on the current health condition that you intend to get medical services on. The primary purpose is to save a life in the shortest time possible.

However, urgent care centers are more suitable due to the flowing reasons.

1). Over 90% of patients who visit urgent care center are in, and outpatient and only stay there for less an hour or so.


2). The time you take to wait to be attended in the urgent care center is less since most of the cases addressed are minor issues. It is, in fact, less than 30 minutes.

3). With urgent care, you do not need to have an appointment. Though having the appointment would make it quicker to be attended on.

4) Urgent care centers are not expensive compared to emergency rooms.

5). Majority of urgent care centers takes insurance services. An example is the GoHealth Urgent Care that has collaborated with insurance providers to better their services.

6). Urgent care centers remain open for long hours over the day compared to emergency rooms.


Based on the above information, it brings out an image that urgent care centers can handle a wide range of health complication. It, therefore, tells you that a specialist who works in urgent care centers have a wide range of experience due to the number of cases there may be facing on a daily bases.

You are now informed on which is the best place to choose in case you have had this dilemma before. Feel free to share your views.