What’s the fastest way to ruin your dream vacation? Getting travelers’ stomach and spending your precious days sitting on the porcelain throne or staring down into its white bowl. Being healthy while traveling involves more than watching your waistline.


Making smart choices abroad can keep you away from the inside of your hotel room or making mad rushes to the nearest public restroom and out exploring what you came to see.in this article we are going to discuss the tips on how to eat, drink and stay healthy while traveling:

Eating Cheaply does not have to mean getting sick

If you are on a budget, go local, look out for busy locally ran places. The busier the place, the better the food is likely to be.

Also, go to the local markets, eat fruit, you will be surprised how cheap and good fruit is in Asia. It’s clean, it’s good for you, and it’s easy to obtain.

How to avoid food poising

Are the tables clean? Is the raw produce used acceptable? All these are small signs to the quality of the food if a proprietor cannot be bothered to clean tables, sweep floors, etc. he/she is hardly likely to be paying much attention to the cleanliness of your food. Always choose hot food from roadside or local restaurants, and never go for warm rice or noodles, huge no, no.


You should note though, that most cases of food poising do not come from the food, it comes from bacteria accumulated on your hands, on plates, cutlery, and glasses. So, use your common sense.

Water – Stay Hydrated

Drink, drink, drink. Keep yourself alert and hydrated by drinking 2 to 3 liters a day. Buying bottled water is the best bet, though it’s much better for the environment to carry your own water bottle and either treat the water or go for refills.


Travelers’ stomach is never a fun thing, and once you experience it, you never want to do that again, and you’ll be even more cautious of what’s going into your mouth. As we have seen IN THIS ARTICLE, being a smart traveler does not mean eating only at chain restaurants or hotel bars, you can explore and live like a local, and you will fully enjoy the new scents, tastes, and experiences. Follow these simple rules, and you should never get the travelers runs. Remember don’t mistake an upset tummy from a change in diet as food poisoning!