The mind is something many scientists and philosophers have tried to explain. Its archaeology, how it behaves, how it is molded, how it functions etc. The mind can be referred to as a set of cognitive departments that include perception, consciousness, imagination, judgment, memory, and language. It is generally the sum of what we are,what we do, how we speak, or how we perceive.

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Some scientists try to explain the mind as something jailed by the brain-something intangible within the brain that affects our cognitive behavior. In this website, we are going to explain how things shape the mind.

How to do things shape the mind?

The Material Engagement Theory is among the many schools of thought that try to explain how things shape the mind. The theory attempts to create instances where the mind interacts with the outside world. The way the mind is affected by the material world.

The theory tries to go more in-depth on the nature of the material world, how it evolves and emergencies involved that at the end of the day affect our cognitive ability.

In application, when we are born, we come to the world as innocent beings. We have nothing to worry about because our mind is in sort of an inactive state. We rely on unexplained forces to do somethings such as suckling etc.


As we grow, our cognitive ability is introduced to the real world where it has to learn. The things we see in the material world now start affecting what we do. The material world starts influencing our deeds in the actual sense. This is because our mind is in control of the human body.

According to Lambros Malafouris, is of the school of thought that the mind is influenced in a continuous process. This is why a teenager will view the world differently from someone in his prime years. This brings conflict among the two since they have different levels of experience. Thus they think differently, have different perceptions on things and also imagine things on different levels.