Executive knowledge on Photoshop can help you a lot especially in this digital age. Photoshop is an advanced software used by photographers and videographers to craft the manner by which images and videos appear. The applications of Photoshop are numerous, and they may range from creating an image from scratch to altering existing images and editing images.

In the current era, it is essential to acquire the knowledge of Photoshop as you may not know where you will need it, or you may not also know where it will take you.

Adobe Photoshop CC is currently the most common Photoshop software that concerns people.

There are various steps you may have to cross to become proficient in Photoshop. Therefore, when it comes to learn photoshop, it is determinant on your ability to learn and grasp and the level which you are interested in achieving. Photoshop knowledge can be on a beginner basis, and intermediate level and an advanced level where you are considered a pro.


For each of these stages, there is a level of knowledge you shall have acquired and a certain amount you shall have taken to learn in grasping full knowledge.

For this article, I give an estimate of how much time you would require to discover the significant parts of adobe Photoshop illustrator that is: for photography, for UI designer, for sketch artists, and print media to the most advanced levels as provided in teaching institutions.

1. For Photography Purposes

If your main aim is to have the sole knowledge of editing photos, it would take you an average of 2-3 months. This time is ample to get familiar with all tools necessary to edit pictures and to have the practical experience to edit photos.

There are also plugins that you need to be aware of that come in handy when you are in the process of editing photos.

2. For UI Designer

To be familiar with creating sites and app layouts, you will need to dedicate yourself to 1-2 months of study.


In this stage, you will have the knowledge to match colors and coming up with a font that goes along with your audience including making lines and circles using favorable colors.

3. For sketch artists

In this stage, your creativity is vital, and the rest becomes flawless. Using the Photoshop drawing tools and necessary plugins, you can play around with colors and using your creativity come up with adorable images. For an average of one month, you only need to study less and practice more on this level to become proficient.

4. For the Print Media

For this part, you will need to acquire the prowess of making greeting cards, invitation cards, wedding cards and another day to day applications of Photoshop printing tools. With a rigorous study for one month, it is easy to have all the necessary knowledge on these applications and set shop to serve the people.


Photoshop can be used in a myriad of activities and for fun, and it can be interesting to have enough skill about it. However, it is essential to use it for noble purposes and turn away from causing controversial scenes that may hurt other peoples reputation and image. The knowledge on Photoshop will put you ahead of your pears, and you will walk with your head high as you teach them on how to use it.