With the job industry congested with professional, many people end up struggling with life due to unemployment, little did they know that your passion can also help you survive the tough economic times.

Taking photographs maybe your passion but you never thought of it as a money making idea. Taking those shots is an idea you could rely on for the rest of your life.

As a beginner in this industry, you must have to choose the line of photography you want, may it be aerial, wildlife, event, sport, etc. After that, you have to acquire the necessary equipment such as a digital camera, lenses, etc. These are the equipment to carry you through as a beginner. However, there are rules of the game to follow. Some mistakes could mess up everything for you.

The 4 mistakes every beginner should avoid in the field of photography.

1. Being independent.

To be a professional photographer, you should never be independent. By standing alone, you do not get experience. You don’t get the chance to learn new skills or know the trends in the industry. To be a professional photographer,you must network with fellow photographers, the experts, the semi-professionals and the beginners.


In one way or the other, they teach you something you could have learned elsewhere.Attend Photo workshops and festivals. In such events, you encounter those photographers you see on the internet or hear about. You also get to learn a lot this way and become a better photographer.

2. Shooting the same thing all the time.

To be a professional photographer, you must be adventurous. Do not just shoot one thing that you feel comfortable with. Try new things that challenge you. You may think that you are good at shooting the sunset, but maybe the sunrise would suit better.

In weddings, don’t just rely on yourself, employ the drone technology and challenge yourself it makes you look professional. Shooting the same things all the time might also bore your target audience. Try new things and challenge your self to become better.

3. Losing hope.

As a beginner in this industry, you must be tough. This is a field that relies on the target audience to survive. When you are new to the game, many people might try to pin you down since your shoots may not be good looking at all. Focus on your goal of being the best photographer someday.

Take all the criticism and take it as a challenge. Some critiques might no make sense; you can do away with that. Utilize the constructive critiques and keep pushing harder. Professional photographers were also at your level some time back.

4. Relying on presets and filters.

As a beginner in the photography industry, there is no big mistake you would do than relying on those filters and preset software for your post-production. Using this software means that you were not keen behind the camera.


You should always try to perfect the art of taking the shots and leave the 10% error for the filter and presets. You should always try to avoid this software to edit photos in your prime years of photography. They may give you the credit you do not deserve. Use them to make your photos excellent but not good.

The above are the most common mistakes that every beginner should avoid and refrain from; it might kill your vision of being a professional photographer.