Our morning routines vary from persons to persons. While some people prefer morning runs and other workouts, others prefer watching news or preparing breakfast. However, what’s common in many people is a morning coffee cup. Many people kick start their day with a cup of coffee as the drink will make them active throughout the day.

However, what most people don’t know is that they can get more out of their coffee by making it healthier. A trending habit today is adding CBD into one’s cappuccino cup. But does it work? Is it effective? And should you try? Keep reading to find that out.

Can I Put CBD Oil in Coffee?

CBD (cannabidiol) is among the compounds that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. Well, this compound has many therapeutic benefits. However, the best thing about it is that, it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects. Therefore, taking it won’t change one’s state of mind. CBD has for a long time been used in managing various conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, acne, etc.

CBD Coffee

Yes. One can add CBD in their coffee. However, this will change this compound’s effects in your body. Cannabidiol is effective when taken in a sublingual form (dropping under your tongue). But, individuals can still make the CBD in their coffees effective if they bind it to a fatty acid.

Does it Work?

When CBD is mixed with coffee, this lowers its bioavailability. This means that it doesn’t get absorbed into your body as fast as it should. When placing it under your tongue, it’ll take between 60-90 seconds for absorption to occur. However, this bioavailability rate drops by 6% when added in a drink.

What Can You Do to Improve the Bioavailability?


Well if you’re looking for cbd oil nc, please ensure that you buy from a reliable vendor. That said, there are different ways individuals can make the CBD infused coffee effective. You can try pairing CBD with fatty acid. According to research, doing this helps fasten metabolism hence increase bioavailability. When making coffee, one can add a fat source such as coconut oil or organic butter.

Final Thoughts

Coffee is an excellent drink to kick-start your day. However, you can make it healthier by adding a few drops of CBD. That way, you’ll get more health benefits from both these two compounds.