Testosterone chemical structure formula

Testosterone is the body hormone that is responsible for male growth and masculine characteristics. It is produced in smaller amounts in women but is abundant in men. It plays a key role in facial as well as pubic hair, sex drive, verbal memory and thinking capacity, muscle mass and bones as well as a deeper voice for males. At lower levels it is advisable to see a doctor as there are pitfalls to the same; erectile dysfunction decreased muscle mass and increased body fat.To correct this illness doctors offer testosterone replacement and there are several significant benefits of this therapy ;

More Muscle Mass, Less Fat

Testosterone replacement therapy in men causes an increase in lean muscle mass as well as body strength. Correspondingly it causes a decrease in fat for a healthy body. It is undeniable that leaner body mass increases one’s energy and controls weight. This naturally enhances the well-being of a person .

Increased Libido

During a heightened sexual activity, testosterone levels usually rise in the body. In men with higher testosterone levels, the sexual activity is much more intense. As time goes by older men have a diminishing interest in sex. Low testosterone levels also affect virile men who are much younger but who should be sexually active. Testosterone therapy ensures enhanced sexual performance and activity. This helps relationships which previously had been clouded with sexual performance related problems.

Strong Bones

Testosterone is imperative in bone mineral intensity in the body. Due to aging, it has been scientifically proven that testosterone levels drop significantly with a corresponding decrease in bone density. Recent studies have shown that testosterone therapy in high doses greatly increases bone density. This greatly reduces the risk of weak bones as well as osteoporosis. Stronger bones ensure adequate support for internal body organs and muscles that boosts athletic performance.

Enhanced Verbal and Memory

Alzheimer’s disease has an increased incidence in men with low testosterone. Evidently, there is also a strong correlation associated with testosterone and thinking ability. High testosterone corresponds to faster processing speeds and verbal memory. Testosterone therapy ensures increased spatial memory in men.

Healthier Heart

Testosterone aids in the red cell production in the bone marrow. A reduced level of testosterone has associated cardiovascular health implications.A healthy heart pumps blood efficiently to the rest of the body ensuring that oxygen carried by the red blood cells reaches all body organs. Recent health studies have shown that men who have undergone testosterone therapy are 25% less likely to experience heart attacks and a notable 37% less likely to have a stroke.

Improved Mood

Low testosterone levels have led to poorer quality of life. Significant symptoms such as fatigue, depression and irritability contribute to poor quality of life. For men with hypogonadism, testosterone therapy causes a significant shift in mood, reduced fatigue as well as they are less irritable. Be that as it may, fatigue, depression and irritability could only be for men with hypogonadism. Testosterone therapy has had men to be generally super positive with improved energy at how they approach issues.

Enhanced Assertiveness

Doubt and hesitancy are also brought about by low testosterone levels . Research shows that optimal levels of testosterone have more influence on the clarity of a persons thinking . Normal levels of testosterone also ensure one does not second guess themselves . Testosterone therapy immensely boosts assertiveness and confidence in choices . Indecisiveness is a thing of the past after undergoing this therapy for men.