Are you in New York and are wondering what the best stops for a beer, cocktail or wine are? Your stay doesn’t have to be boring when there are plenty of bars every block to slake your thirst. For those who want to make every second count in New York, you can stop at cocktail dens, craft brew havens, and even the wine haunts. There is never a good time to have fun. Thus, start the brew relishing venture now.

In your hunt for the favorite spot to quench your thirst, you can never run out of options in New York. Thus, to ease the task, I have five most liked spots that are a must-attend while in the city.

1. The Dead Rabbit

Here, you can savor your favorite cocktail at peace. It has been labelled the world best bar since 2016. It is one of the many spots that are alluring, enticing you to ask for more.


It features a 19th-century rough-and-tumble spot with a cocktail parlor upstairs. Dead Rabbit tries to reincarnate the most savored drinks in the 1800s, say; Byrrh Wine Daisy or even Amaro Ciaciaro. The make of the menu is a graphic novel featuring best cocktails.

2. Blind Tiger

It is in West Village where it started as a craft beer bar even before people knew they existed. It is to this day renown for its finesse in offering the best quality of the beer.

It features over thirty taps and a new roster of rare beers. The beer here goes at a pocket-friendly price of only $7. Blind tiger has professional staffs who know what it is to know about beers. Hence, present you the with the best experience when learning about different brands of beer.

3. Bar SixtyFive

It has tourist attraction sites such as the iconic Rainbow Room. For the residents, it is the perfect time to explore your city. It presents a multicultural feel to the visitors making them feel at home.


The prices here are high due to the quality foods and drinks. However, every coin you invest in the venture is worthwhile. You get to enjoy the scenic view as you sip to your favorite cocktail.

4. High Bar

It is the most trending rooftop Bar in New York City. You enjoy an elevator ride to the rooftop whereby you get to experience Manhattan’s 360-degree view of the city’s skyline. From this point, you can see the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty, Freedom tower plus the Empire State Building.

You can never go wrong with the menu here. Besides the captivating scene, you can relish the best cocktail and plate services. You can view their site for more details and an update of their upcoming events.

5. ABC Beer Co

It gets referred to as a boutique beer shop it packs a variety to treat its clients. It features a well-curated rotating list of twelve taps with different beers. In their refrigerator, they have stocked the unique cans and bottles and mouth-watering sandwiches and cheese plates. Everyone seems to be at home here. With the comfy armchairs and free-Wi-Fi, you will find a serene environment where decency and class are a code. You must enjoy the thrill the spot creates.


New York bursts with life, it has many residents and visitors wallowing in the mind-blowing fun moments the city creates. Get the list above to help you define your moment while it lasts.