Are you looking for a company to bring some of the delicious and healthy meals to your doorstep? It is a normal occurrence In the 21st century that you may be preoccupied with other activities and are unable to prepare a meal for yourself or your guests or maybe confused about the recipe to prepare.

healthy meal delivery services are here for your sake. They got you covered with some of the unique recipes when you can’t prepare a meal by yourself. However, not all healthy meal delivery services will meet your expectation. Below are the best tested healthy meal delivery services in 2019;

1.Home Chef.

Are looking for a delivery service that will bring you classic dishes that are very affordable? Home Chef is the solution for you. They deal with amazing but simple recipes ranging from sesame chicken, potatoes and steak, salmon bagels, Cuban steak burritos, and Vietnamese pork kebabs.


Home Chef also offers you the chance to pause or cancel your order at your convenience. The recipes by Home Chef are easy to make and will take you a maximum of 30 minutes. They pack the ingredients in a recyclable bag and put instructions on their website.

2.Sun Basket.

Sun Basket is the home for people with vegan, gluten-free, paleo, Mediterranean, vegetarian, and pescatarian. Sun Basket uses meat the is antibiotic and hormone free.

The recipes will also take you approximately 30 minutes to prepare. Sun Basket is available in 47 states apart from Montana, Alaska, parts of New Mexico and Hawaii. You will pay $6 for each delivery by Sun Basket.


Are you feeling lazy by the thought of cooking? Freshly is the meal delivery service for you. They actually prepare the ingredients for you, cook them, and deliver to your doorstep a meal that is ready for eating not unless you want to warm it. All the recipes by Freshly are 100% gluten-free. They are paleo and approved by Whole30. Freshly is available for all U.S. residents.



If you are confused about a quick to make recipe, EveryPlate is the delivery service for you. They feature 5 recipes per week which worth the try. The recipes they give are easy to make. The delivery kit comes with a recipe card that has instructions properly and clearly stated with the use of images that makes the process of preparing that recipe at home easy. You will have to pay $30-$60 plus a fee for shipping. They deliver across the U.S.

5.Purple Carrot.

The recipes by Purple Carrot are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. They deliver the ingredients to the recipe of your choice in recyclable bags.

They also attach the recipe cards that are well detailed for easy preparation. If the vegan idea seems boring, do not worry, some ingredients are protein-rich e.g., quinoa, nuts, and tofu. Purple Carrot is available to residents of the U.S. continent. The charge $72 for the weekly meal plan option. Amazingly shipping is included.

Worry no more, choose the meal delivery service from the 5-best mentioned above, and you will never regret.