As you work hard from Monday to Sunday, you need to ensure that you take care of your health. Being in a good state of mind, body, and soul helps you to face life with enthusiasm and handle challenges that come your way. However, no one knows about tomorrow and it’s always recommendable to plan for your family’s future health by considering cord blood banking that utilizes facilities to not only store but also preserve the your baby’s cord blood. Once you make up your mind to bank the cord blood in a private bank, the next important decision to make will be the choice of a cord blood bank and we have made things easier for you and here are the best five to consider.

1. Americord®

First on the list of the best cord blood banks is the Americord, and for good reasons. It is actually a leader in the advancement of cord tissues, umbilical cord blood as well as placental tissue banking. Americord is a private bank famous for collecting, processing and storing stem cells for future therapeutic or medical use by families that save them.


Stem cells are valuable not only to the baby but also to the mother and possibly any other family member and americord blood ensures that they are securely stored for the future needs of your family.

2. Cord Blood Registry (CBR)

CBR was established in 1992 to cater to your family’s need by ensuring you have access to different options and future technologies as they become available. CBR understands that cord blood stem cells have excellently been used in close to 35,000 transplants globally to regenerate immune systems and healthy blood, and they want to secure your family’s health by safeguarding the variety of cord tissue cell types.

CBR boasts a team of down-to-earth counselors who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to discuss the medical history of your family and explain to you how the stem cells of your newborn can be applicable to your entire family.

3. ViaCord

ViaCord was established in 1993 with an objective of collecting, processing and storing your baby’s cord blood and help plan for your family’s future. ViaCord has helped more than four hundred families to use their cord blood in regenerating and transplanting medicine research for various conditions such as cerebral palsy and autism. Banking cord blood with ViaCord gives you peace of mind knowing that they will be there for you to give support where needed. For instance, ViaCord will work closely with your medical team to provide samples and documentation that will help in your treatment. They also ensure that your baby’s stem cell is delivered to the appropriate medical facility.

4. Global Cord Blood Corporation

Cord-Stem-Cell-Banking-390x220Global Cord Blood Corporation provides umbilical cord blood storage services to parents of newborn babies. The services consist of four procedures that entail collecting cord blood, processing, lab testing and finally cryopreservation.

Global Cord Blood Corporation complies with GMP standards and has managed to build cryopreservation and testing laboratories to show their commitment to their customers. They also take advantage of advanced technology and install advanced equipment and instruments that help them deliver high-quality services. Most importantly, they boast outstanding storage facilities that guarantee quality and safety storage of the cord blood.

5. Cryo-Cell International

Cryo-Cell International is among the best cord blood banks you can ever find. It was established in 1989 with an objective of providing their customers with premier cord tissues and cold blood cryopreservation as well as to help in the advancement of regenerative medicine. Since then, Cryo-Cell International has been determined to enhance the technology and science behind the banking of cord blood. It uses advanced collection kit that has the ability to protect nearly thirty times longer than other kits found in private banks, uses five-chamber storage bag that offers parents with multiple treatment opportunities, and applies superior processing PrepaCyte-CB that has been found to engraft more quickly when compared to other processing methods.